Book Review: Moon Kissed by Michele Hauf

This book was my first Mills & Boon book and it was a good introduction to the work of Michele Hauf.

Moon Kissed is part of Michele Hauf’s Wicked Games series and is the story of Belladonna Reynolds who, after being chased by vampires, meets werewolf Severo, a man who has his own issues. Severo promises to protect Bella from the vampires, who is reluctant to take his protection but she is soon drawn into his dark aura and finds herself falling for the man and accepting the wolf. The support she receives from Severo is necessary as her best friend is slowly but surely being drawn under the influence of a lady vampire who has cause Severo harm in the past. When things change at the hands of the lady vampire and Bella becomes something that Severo struggles to accept, can their love survive?

It may seem clichéd but let’s face it, Mills and Boon can be very clichéd  even the Nocturne series (which this is apart of). Even so, the reader can’t help but be drawn into the story and the relationship between Severo and Bella. For me at least, there is a mild whiff of Twilight. This comparison however can’t be helped considering the plethora of human/supernatural creature romance books that have been out in the last few years, both for adults and teens, but this is far better written than Twilight, at least in my opinion, as well as the fact that this is Mills & Boon Nocturne. It’s what is to be expected!

The only other thing that I would criticise about this is the fact that the ending seems a tad drawn out (even though it is about Severo’s wolf accepting who Bella is now) but I can see why this is in the novel. Perhaps it’s a mild rewriting issue…

The sex scenes, of which, there are quite a few, including one which is arguably bestiality and the briefest discussion between the characters of possible bondage, are very well written and would certainly get you hot under the collar. Speaking as someone aiming to be a writer herself, Hauf has shown me how a well written scene between a man and a woman could get a persons pulse racing.

Overall, I would recommend this book and it’s short story sequel (which I will be reviewing at some point, possibly tonight), especially if you want a sexually charged, character driven book.


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