Book Review: After The Kiss by Michele Hauf

After The Kiss is the short story e-book sequel to Moon Kissed by Michele Hauf in her Wicked Games series. This review will be short since it is only a short story.

This book returns to the story of Severo and Belladonna Reynolds as they get married and start married life as husband and wife, or rather, werewolf and vampire. Bella wants to bite Severo, to mark him as hers but Severo’s past, and the fact that he would be ostracised by his kind, makes him reluctant to take it. This quickly becomes a sticking point and the two begin to wonder if a marriage between them could ever work.

Unlike Moon kissed, this book is written from the first person perspective, switching frequently between Severo and Bella. This can be a little disorienting but it does provide the reader with a new view on each of the characters. I did find this book a little slower going than the previous book, perhaps because I read this one about a year or so after I read Moon Kissed or maybe it is because this is more emotionally driven than the previous book but it is still enjoyable and explores Hauf’s world a bit deeper.

If you have read the previous book, I think this will be a very satisfying sequel and can be enjoyed as part of Hauf’s series or as a standalone story.


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