Book Review: 364 Days of Tedium, Or What Santa Gets Up To On His Days Off by Dave Cornmell

This book is NOT for children. You may have already got that from the book cover picture but I feel this is important to say right off the bat just in case parents are looking for books for kids about Santa and find this. Also, maybe I should have left this for Christmas to review but I felt like reviewing it now.

This book is an adult comic taking an amusing look on a day by day basis at what Santa, Mrs. Claus, his elves and his reindeer do throughout the year, especially since the advent of internet shopping means Santa now has very little to do. So what does he do with all his free time? Well, he attempts cleaning up after Christmas, has parties (with unfortunate consequences for his reindeer), has to hide himself and everyone else when scientists arrive at the North Pole, goes on holiday, questions whether he actually exists or not, attempts a diet and exercise routine and a host of other adventures. The comics also show Santa struggling with the types of New Years Resolutions that many make, such as writing that novel or giving up booze.

This book made me laugh out loud. Every comic is always roughly 4 to 6 panels and it is testament to the writer/artists ability that each convey all the jokes and mini stories they need to such short comic strips. There are many recurring jokes and characters and the book is easily read  all at once or in parts. The jokes are at times crude and include many toilet jokes, sex and, from time to time, expletives. This is probably its only drawback which can limit it’s audience, possibly down to it being the ideal book to get dads or even brothers or uncles. That isn’t to say that it cannot be enjoyed by women either (such as myself) though it is aimed more at men I would say.

In general though, it is a very enjoyable book and can leave you laughing out loud and amused as you see Santa dealing with all the issues that a normal everyday person has to deal with.



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