Film review: Star Trek Into Darkness

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Before J.J Abram’s 2009 film, I only had vague memories of watching Picard play a piano and another episode where a crew member was impregnated with an alien child with an accelerated lifespan and died before the episode was over (although this was years ago, so do correct me if I’m wrong and tell me which one that may have been, I’d love to re-watch it!) I loved the film in 2009 and when I heard about this one, it’s safe to say I was excited and…dare I say it, looking forward to it more than any other film this year. (So far…)


In this adventure, Kirk and his crew are thrown into a manhunt to bring down Benedict Cumberbatch’s character Richard Harris. Of course, this inevitably goes wrong and they’re thrown into a battle with lots of twists and turns, which, when viewed on Imax cinema screens will…

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