Book Review: Whispers Under Ground by Ben Aaronovitch

The third book in the series and PC Peter Grant is neck-deep in death, murder and magic again.

This time though, he finds himself exploring the world beneath London, the Tube and Underground Railway system. Oh, and the minor thorny issue of the victim being the son of a high-ranking USA diplomat so having to deal with a FBI agent on his tail, the trade in pottery and counterfeits and discovering that the residents of London, magical and otherwise, are not the only ones who live in the city.

I know I have spoken about research before with Aaronovitch and in this, it was his exploration of London’s Camden Market and the pottery trade, the art colleges and art gallery installations (I don’t go to art galleries do this was of fascination to me), the London Underground, it’s tunnels and the procedures of investigating crime on the Underground and, further still, the sewer system. There is also the revelations at the end and the technology mentioned as being used.  (I won’t go into it too much as I do not wish to end up giving away spoilers for anyone who has not read this book yet).

For a non-Londoner like me (I’ve only been down once in my whole life), this book (along with the others in series) provide a fascinating insight into London life and it’s transport system and the world beneath it’s streets. I hope Aaronovitch continues on with the high level of research and writing, including the wit and humour PC Grant uses time and again and makes me laugh out loud time and again.


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